Have a listen…

Danny’s Easter Egg


reflection ok


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2 Responses to Have a listen…

  1. johann says:

    Awesome guys! thanks a lot 4 your great music.
    Remember that we still have your “first signed cd”.
    I like first “reflection ok”, I feel power, progression, freedom…(a little bit gutural for my taste but wonderful) ; curtains uff!

    Stephie you’re so good, I fly when listen your violin…
    Joseph you got the “harmonica touch” and when plays with the “multipack kit belt” around you, bring to the band the whole power!
    Danny thanks for the rithm and smiling
    Erick wath a bass wath a heart!

    So wath a BAND! go ahead!!!

    Please keep playing, the world needs you

    best regards from Colombia

    johann & fmly

    • Danny says:

      Thank you very much Johann. Your kind words put smiles on our faces. We will continue to play, and hope to run into more friendly people like you. Thanks for listening and we hope to put more music out soon.


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